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The year 2019 will go down in history as a pivotal moment when hemp is welcomed home to Texas.  There is much work to be done and this is our chance to have dramatic, positive change for agriculture and the many industrial uses for hemp from the primary strains for:
-  seed (grain, seed oil, protein)
-  essential oil (Cannabidiol-CBD)
-  fiber (bast fibers and hurd)
The TXHIA has had limited funding for activities and legislative action.  The scope of the needs for education and member services is surpassing a volunteer basis and membership and sponsorship are essential to attract quality, paid staff.
In order to coordinate the sharing of information to facilitate best practices for hemp farming, processing, sales and marketing information, compliance requirements, etc., the TXHIA will be establishing districts and regional areas to accommodate local and on-line meet ups. 
TXHIA is modeling the state districts following the Texas Farm Bureau’s 13 district designations.  The districts will be grouped into four regional areas (N,S,E,W) depicted as colored circles on map with headquarters in Austin area.
The plan may vary as we adapt to what works best.
We are looking for County Coordinators who can commit to the following responsibilities and must have:
-  good organization and people skills,
-  works well with others - no drama.
-  communicate and present in a professional manner.
-  time to take phone calls with TXHIA and from interested parties, 
-  texting, email and Facebook access with computer skills with Word and Excel,
-  web skills and a head shot photo are a plus.
The County Coordinator MUST BE A TXHIA MEMBER and in some instances, one coordinator may cover several counties or multiple coordinators may be in one large county.  Above all they need to be an individual who has the farmers and their communities best interest at heart. When the farmers and our communities are successful, we all benefit.  

A.  County Coordinators who are in or desire to be in the hemp industry as farmers, retailers, consultants equipment seller, etc. will be required to give full disclosure at meetings, to callers and inquiries directed to the TXHIA.   Coordinators agree
not to solicit for personal business on these types of calls but rather direct callers to the TXHIA directory page where they can see all Sponsors (including the CC) who support the association.  

B.  County Coordinators agree to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner in dress and speech.  County Coordinators should be of good moral character in regard to business dealings.  People in agriculture often live in the same area for decades and everyone pretty much knows everyone so if you have been involved in questionable business practices, we will find out and you will be dismissed.   
1.  A commitment to raise $500 for each county you represent to fund the TXHIA. 
Subsequent meet up goal should be to raise $500 which could be 1, $500 donation, 20 TXHIA members at $25 per member +1 related person (50 total) or 10- $50 non-member attendees.  Revenue above $500 raised from attendance fees for each event will be available to reimburse County Coordinator for expense receipts up to $250.  
2.  Determination of best option for meeting locations that provides WIFI access, determine seating capacity, projector and projection screen or large TV (cables required, HDMI, etc.), microphone availability and parking availability, etc.  Meeting location should provide easy access, does not need to be fancy and should not require paid or permitted parking.  Can be a restaurant and have a "Dutch treat" meal, apartment community room, Elk's lodge, VFW halls, church hall, junior college or library meeting rooms, etc.
3. Try to generate a $500 event sponsor who will have their logo on all 8.5 x 11 information flyers and displayed on 11X14 event posters and on posted TXHIA regional webpage. 
4. Offer monthly subscriptions to the Marketplace directory where their names and logos will be displayed by interest under the district webpages on this website's members only page.  monthly directory fees for District areas are:
Legend: C- CBD, F-Fiber, G-Grain, S-Seed.

Introductory directory monthly fees:

  1. Farmer (F-C, F-F, F-G, F-S) - $20 

  2. Laborer (L-C, L-F, L-G, L-S) - $10

  3. Processor (PC, PF, PG, PS) - $75

  4. Manufacturer (MC, MF, MG, MS) - $75

  5. Corporate Retailers (R-C, R-F, R-G, R-S) - $125

  6. Corporate Wholesaler (W-C, W-F, W-G, W-S) - $125

  7. Vendors – (implement ie combines, grain drills, irrigation equipment, etc.)
    (V-C, V-F, V-G, V-S )-  $150

  8. Soil Supplementation (S-C, S-F, S-G, S-S) - $150

  9. Testing (T-C, T-F, T-G, T-S) - $150

  10. Investors (I-C, I-F, I-G, I-S) - $150

  11. Consultants (C-C, C-F, C-G, C-S) - $150

  12. Brokers (B-C, B-F, B-G, B-S) - $150

*Prices are subject to increase as infrastructure is developed and markets are established

5.  Print and deliver 8.5 x 11 information flyers and 11 x 14 event posters to area businesses, churches, schools, university, Agri Life, lumber yards, feeds stores, implement / ag stores, etc.  Graphics with local details will be provided.

6.  Place a personal call to governmental officials extending them an invitation and emailing the invite flyer:
Mayor, Police Chief, District and County Judges and District and County Attorneys, Republican and Democratic county chairs, AgriLife Extensions agents, University Ag Departments, State Representative(s) and Senator(s) and Federal Congressman and Senators.

7.  Contact media and place event details on their local event calendars.  Media includes Facebook group pages, radio, TV and newspapers, Thrifty Nichols, etc.
Similar to how political parties have executive committees where 1 male and 1 female are elected from each of the 31 Senate Districts, two District Directors (1 male, 1 female) will be elected from among the County Coordinators. 
Each County Coordinator will be rated based upon their performance parameters.
1.  Participation in TXHIA conference calls.
2.  Membership growth and retention.
3.  Promotion and success of meetings conducted.
4.  Establishing and maintaining communications with governmental entities.
5.  Sponsorships acquired and retained.
6.  Providing good feedback and data updates to the TXHIA.
7.  Their intent for service for farmers and their community.
An on-line ballot will be distributed to County Coordinators displaying their performance ratings beside their name on the ballot as they campaign as District Directors. 
Regional Representatives (1 male, 1 female) for each N,S,E,W regions will be elected from among the District Directors who will have a similar performance rating and ballot process.  The 8 Regional Representatives  will make up the TXHIA Executive Committee members.  It is anticipated that County Coordinators and District Directors will facilitate area meetings to help educate their communities and help determine needs and resources of their TXHIA members communicated to their Regional Representatives.
It is anticipated that our first TXHIA Convention will be in late 2019 or early 2020 sometime after the Texas Department of Agriculture releases rules. 
The election of TXHIA board members will take place at the convention. 
Visit and you will be forwarded to the national HIA website. 
Please be sure and select the Texas Chapter.

Thanks to our Heritage Sponsors & Legacy Supporters!

The Texas Hemp Industries Association is a 501(c) 6 nonprofit trade organization established to represent and educate politicians, farmers, businesses and consumers on the economic and ecological benefits of industrial hemp.

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