Interest Legend:
C- CBD, F-Fiber, G-Grain, S-Seed.

  1. Farmer (F-C, F-F, F-G, F-S)  
  2. Laborer (L-C, L-F, L-G, L-S) 
  3. Processor (PC, PF, PG, PS)
  4. Manufacturer (MC, MF, MG, MS) 
  5. Corporate Retailers (R-C, R-F, R-G, R-S) 
  6. Corporate Wholesaler (W-C, W-F, W-G, W-S) 
  7. Vendors – (implement ie combines, grain drills, irrigation equipment, etc.) (V-C, V-F, V-G, V-S )
  8. Soil Supplementation (S-C, S-F, S-G, S-S) 
  9. Testing (T-C, T-F, T-G, T-S) 
  10. Investors (I-C, I-F, I-G, I-S) 
  11. Consultants (C-C, C-F, C-G, C-S) 
  12. Brokers (B-C, B-F, B-G, B-S)

Region-District, County(s), City, Name, Phone, eMail, Interest

E-D4, Tarrant, Southlake, Drew Berg,.jpg


E-D4 , Tarrant, Southlake, Drew Berg, 2145177093,, (F-P)

I currently own a CBD and brokerage business in the DFW area, and I am in the process of opening an industrial scale extraction facility with several partners. I have been a student of this industry for nearly 2 years, and I am incredibly excited for what the future of the industry holds in Texas and beyond. I have been to numerous industry conferences, both alternative medicine and hemp/cannabis specific.  I would be proud to join this organization as a coordinator for our farmers, manufactures, municipal officials, and consumers. 

E-D4, Dallas, Garland, Chad Fahlberg, (F


E-D4 , Dallas, Garland, Chad  Fahlberg, 214-842-7721

I am a native Texan and a UT Longhorn, raised in Fort Worth, TX and now living in Dallas, TX. I have been in the healthcare consulting business most of my life, and have now transitioned into the wholesale CBD business for healthcare providers. I am completely committed to seeing TX become the leading state in the nation for high quality CBD hemp and intend on doing through my company, TriMark Therapeutics. This industry has the potential to transform this great State, and I look forward to being a part of it.

E-D8 Travis, Austin - Dana Stuart Browni


E-D8 , Travis, Austin, Dana  Browning, 512-554-1086,, (P)

As a Longhorn with almost two decades in education and international development (East Africa), I am shifting my focus to the endless and exciting promises of hemp. My family company will sell and buy hemp seeds for growing and nutrition with an emphasis on female farmers, corporate responsibility, and community empowerment with the vision to reduce world malnutrition through hemp seeds: our superfood.

E-D8, Travis- Austin, Eddie Velez.jpg


E-D8 Travis, Austin, Eddie Velez, (F) 214-998-2209,

I have worked as an Emergency Manager in Texas for 14 years. I have work at the local, state, and federal levels of government. I have routinely coordinated and collaborated with multiple agencies and partners to achieve identified objectives in responding to and recovery of disasters and emergencies. I understand the importance of working with others , obtaining buy-in and leveraging resources to achieve mission success. I have been looking forward to passage of the HB 1325 and ready to take the leap in supporting Texas entry into the hemp industry and establishing a collaborative effort in unifying Texas new/and experience farmers towards common goals.

E-D9, Houston, Lovelady, Rob Kitto.jpg


E-D9 , Houston, Lovelady, Robby Kitto, 612-247-1650,, (F-P)

I grew up on a sheep and grain farm in Wisconsin. We are currently growing @2000 hemp plants on two acres on one our farms. This is our first year. We would like to start growing on our ranch in Lovelady as soon as licensing is available. I am a legal and insurance claim consultant by trade. In that line of work I am constantly putting together informational and educational meetings. These events have ranged in size from 2-3000. I couldn’t be more excited about hemp in Texas and I am convinced that I would be an extremely valuable team member in promoting hemp and the association. As well as finding a way to provide desperately needed information and education to the farmers.

E-D5 Van Zandt, Wills Point, Justin Pink


E-D9 , Van Zandt, wills point, justin pinkus, 214-620-6929,, (F)

I own and run my family’s plant farm; I am third generation. Tawakoni Plant Farm was established in 1977 in Wills Point Texas by my grandfather Ralph Pinkus.  My grandfather also opened North Haven Gardens in the early 1950’s. He was also one the founders of the Dallas Arboretum. 

I have been running Tawakoni for the past 6 years been with the company for 12 years, we specialize in container grown landscapes plants.  Perennials, Shrubs, Grasses and Groundcovers.  Our propagation methods are from seed and cuttings.  We grow the plant material in container sizes from 4-inch 18 count trays up to 15 gallon containers.

Tawakoni Plant Farm has grown large contract landscape projects over the past 10 years.  Some of these projects were The George Bush Library, Baylor Football Stadium, Kd Warren Park, NTTA Highways and Toyota Head Quarters. 

S-D11, Brazoria, Brazoria, Paul Ashley.j


E-D11 , Brazoria, Brazoria, Paul Ashley, 979-417-3603, , (F)

I am a private entrepreneur and investor, I have farming and ranching experience at the family ranch and co-ops with friends.  I am an ex-professional athlete and active in many aspects of the community including strong relationships with law enforcement personnel, community outreach, and 4H Clubs.
Happily married with 3 respectful and active children.



E-D11 , Matagorda, Bay City, Jerry Evans, 979-922-9913, , (F-P)

I am willing to serve in any capacity starting with county level or district doordinator.  Big Believer in hemp.  I own farm and cattle ranch in Matagorda County. I have been City Council of Bay City, Currently Vice-Chair of the Republican Party of Matagorda County, was Chairman 1984-1996. Board Member 2016-current Matagorda Hospital District. Also was Board member HGAC from 1988-1992 under Gov. Clements. I have extensive background in working with Mayors, County Judges , EDC, ect. was also delegate to Republican State Convention in 2016,2018 that placed passage of Hemp in party platform. Have conducted meetings and have extensive network to bring to this association.



E-D11 , Harris-Fort Bend, Houston, Charles Molho, 713-822-0887,




S-D11 , Fort Bend, Katy, Jody Prevatt, 713-301-3809, , (F-P-M-R)

I’m the CEO of Jody Prevatt & Associates which is an Insurance firm in Houston Texas. I have built and managed over 130 agencies over the last 20+ years.  After building an ever-increasing business, I currently manage over 250 million dollars of premium. I have been recognized and have won multitudes of awards within the industry with no intention of slowing down. My greatest accomplishments are my family.



E-D11 , Washington, Brenham, Brad Stufflebeam, 979-530-7993, , (F-P-M-R)


I have 25 years experience as a commercial grower and I served as past President of Texas Organic Farmers & Gardeners Assoc. and as a founding board member of the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance.

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