Interest Legend:
C- CBD, F-Fiber, G-Grain, S-Seed.

  1. Farmer (F-C, F-F, F-G, F-S)  
  2. Laborer (L-C, L-F, L-G, L-S) 
  3. Processor (PC, PF, PG, PS)
  4. Manufacturer (MC, MF, MG, MS) 
  5. Corporate Retailers (R-C, R-F, R-G, R-S) 
  6. Corporate Wholesaler (W-C, W-F, W-G, W-S) 
  7. Vendors – (implement ie combines, grain drills, irrigation equipment, etc.) (V-C, V-F, V-G, V-S )
  8. Soil Supplementation (S-C, S-F, S-G, S-S) 
  9. Testing (T-C, T-F, T-G, T-S) 
  10. Investors (I-C, I-F, I-G, I-S) 
  11. Consultants (C-C, C-F, C-G, C-S) 
  12. Brokers (B-C, B-F, B-G, B-S)

Region-District, County(s), City, Name, Phone, eMail, Interest



N-D1, Dalhart, Hartley, Russell Williams, (F-P-M-R), 806-438-3099,

Fourth Generation farmer and former congressional staffer and farm lobbyist. I am active in many industry groups and am currently the President of the Hartley County Farm Bureau and I strongly believe furthering the message of agriculture and the rural lifestyle. Currently, I am the managing partner of a 6000 acre row crop farm in Hartley County Texas and we are currently working on our business plan for the cultivation and processing of hemp.



N-D1, Gray-Carson-Lamb, Groom, Lance Ollinger, 806-433-8062,, (F-P-V),

I am a born and raised farmer from Groom Texas. I have owned an aerial applicator business that extended from Groom, Texas down to Colorado City Texas. We operated in the Tri-State area. I sold that business to a coop and worked for that coop for 5 years. I have since went back to being an independent ag retailer. My family and I farm corn, cotton, wheat, and milo in the Groom area. I also have farm land in Lamb county. I serve on the the board of Adobe Walls Gin out of Spearman Texas and Lonestar Gin in Pampa Texas.

S-D10, Kerr, N-D1 Ochiltree, Lipscomb, K


N-D1 Ochiltree, Lipscomb, Calvin Luck, 830-928-1459,, (F-P)

Well educated in the healthcare aspects of hemp products and co-owner of a pharmacy in Kerrville with my wife Sabrina.  We have farms in Ochitree and Lipscomb counties and an exotic game ranch in Kerr County where we intend to add a greenhouse for a medicinal grow.  We are motivated to bring profitability back to family farms. 

The Texas Hemp Industries Association is a 501(c) 6 nonprofit trade organization established to represent and educate politicians, farmers, businesses and consumers on the economic and ecological benefits of industrial hemp.

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