Interest Legend:
C- CBD, F-Fiber, G-Grain, S-Seed.

  1. Farmer (F-C, F-F, F-G, F-S)  
  2. Laborer (L-C, L-F, L-G, L-S) 
  3. Processor (PC, PF, PG, PS)
  4. Manufacturer (MC, MF, MG, MS) 
  5. Corporate Retailers (R-C, R-F, R-G, R-S)
  6. Corporate Wholesaler (W-C, W-F, W-G, W-S) 
  7. Vendors – (implement ie combines, grain drills, irrigation equipment, etc.) (V-C, V-F, V-G, V-S )
  8. Soil Supplementation (S-C, S-F, S-G, S-S) 
  9. Testing (T-C, T-F, T-G, T-S) 
  10. Investors (I-C, I-F, I-G, I-S) 
  11. Consultants (C-C, C-F, C-G, C-S) 
  12. Brokers (B-C, B-F, B-G, B-S)

Region-District, County(s), City, Name, Phone, eMail, Interest


S-D10, Kerr, N-D1 Ochiltree, Lipscomb, K

S-D10 , Kerr, Kerrville, Calvin Luck, 830-928-1459,, (F-P)

Well educated in the healthcare aspects of hemp products and co-owner of a pharmacy in Kerrville with my wife Sabrina.  We have farms in Ochitree and Lipscomb counties and an exotic game ranch in Kerr County where we intend to add a greenhouse for a medicinal grow.  We are motivated to bring profitability back to family farms. 


S-D10, Blanco, Blanco, Adam Russell.jpg

S-D10 , Blanco, Blanco, Adam Russell, 2064503126,, (F-P-V)

I began Upcycle Organics in 2013 and we are a regenerative agriculture design and build organization that supports farmers and land owners to develop a holistic goal and utilize appropriate tools like the Regrarians platform, earthworks, biodynamics and fermented biofertilizers to achieve those goals. We are educators with a drive for dissemination and application of methods to increase nutrient density in food.


S-D13, Bee-Live Oak, Skimdore, Bernadett

S-D13 , Live Oak-Bee, Skimdore, Bernadette Gibson, 979-215-4869,, (F)

I am from South Texas and live on my family farm. I am married and have two sons.  We currently raise pasture raised egg layers and grow seasonal vegetables in our high tunnel.   We would like to expand our family farm business by growing hemp.  We have about 50-70 acres available for hemp.  I have a Bachelors in Business Administration from Texas A&M Kingsville with an emphasis in Marketing.  I would love to help in any way I can. 



S-D13 , Cameron-Hidalgo-Willacy-Starr,, Rio Hondo, Jeffrey Kleypas, 956-454-7066,, (F-V)

I would be glad to represent the RGV counties of Cameron, Hidalgo, Willacy, and Starr. I have worked in retail Ag much of my career in this region and there aren’t enough acres and growers to justify individual county coordinators.



S-D13 , Cameron-Hidalgo-Willacy-Starr,Edinburg, Irma Hermida, 956-929-9555,, (F-R)


The Texas Hemp Industries Association is a 501(c) 6 nonprofit trade organization established to represent and educate politicians, farmers, businesses and consumers on the economic and ecological benefits of industrial hemp.

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